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Beverley's Beauty Solutions, Inc. provides a wide range of personal appearance solutions due to problems with hair loss, breast surgery or lymphedema. Beverley's Beauty Solutions, Inc. has 17 years of experience and expertise. We offer a one-stop solution for multiple problems. The concept of offering hair options, breast prosthetic and lymphedema compression sleeves in one place is not innovative, but a most welcome physical and emotional blessing, as well.

Over the past decade, thousands of women have shared their journey with us. Please rest assured that while you are here, everyone you encounter will not only understand but will happily answer any questions you may have. what makes us different is our personal commitment to you and your needs.

A woman in crisis with Breast Cancer is hosting multiple fears. We believe that early consultation with us can alleviate many of her personal appearance concerns and give her back as much normalcy as possible. By showing a woman what her options are, she will regain a sence of control over her own body once again.

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  • hand sculpted breast prosthesis
  • custom nipple/areolas
  • Natural & Synthetic Wigs
  • Swimwear
  • post-mastectomy bras
  • Post-surgical clothing
  • hats, scarves and wraps
  • Lymphedema Sleeves & Gauntlets
  • Ready Made Prosthetics and more!
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